If you want to see animals and birds in Nepal, Chitwan will be your destination in Nepal. Chitwan National Park offers visitors offers you the opportunity of a lifetime to see One-Horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal tigers, and various species of butterflies and birds. There are multiple options for accommodation in the area of Chitwan National Park – Sauraha. Most of those accommodation providers hotels, resorts, and lodges offer elephant safaris, jungle walks, canoeing, and cultural activities.


Chitwan is famous because of Chitwan National Park. It is the main attraction of the city. Chitwan National Park is one famous site of Nepal listed on world heritage sites. This protected area has a forest with an area of 932 square kilometers.

One-horned rhino and Bengal tigers are the main two animals that are famous in the park — spotting them while on a safari will be the joy of a lifetime. You may need to extend your stay in Chitwan to spot Royal Bengal Tiger. The altitude of the park range from 150 meters to 815 meters. Over fifty different mammals and 450 species of birds are located in the park.

Chitwan is also the home place of the Tharu people. It is the best place to learn about Tharu people and culture. The traditional Tharu cultural program is performed in resorts and lodges as part of the entertainment. Chitwan National Park is one of the finest attractions in Nepal. This park is known as the best National Park in Nepal. It is quite developed and accessible from the capital city; Kathmandu. Elephant Breeding Center and Crocodile Farm are two other most visited locations in the park. The main activities in Chitwan are Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, and Boat Tour. Jungle Safari is the most popular one. You will travel into the deep forest riding on elephant back; you will witness the preserved natural assets of Nepal, flora, and fauna. Nepal; Chitwan National Park is the homeland of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Royal Bengal Tiger is the world’s one of the most endangered species. If it is your good day, you might see Royal Bengal Tigers.

Visitors will enjoy bird watching, boat tours, an elephant ride. Besides that one and only home place of one-horned rhinos is also Chitwan National Park. Seeing one-horned rhinos and Royal Bengal Tigers and capturing in your camera will be a lifetime achievement of this journey. You are also highly recommended to walk to nearby villages.

Behind travel inside Chitwan National Park, there are other options like trekking, rural tourism, and Nepal’s low land travel. Chitwan is a nearer tourism destination from Kathmandu Valley. Chitwan is easy to reach by road and by air. By road, it is accessible in less than 5 hours and by air nearby Bharatpur airport around 20 minutes flight from Kathmandu.