Bardia National Park is the essential Wildlife National Park in the Terai region. A lovely unspoiled desert of sal forest area, grassland, and alluvial washes reduce through the many fingers of the Karnali River. Largely unpopulated, it is commonly described as what Chitwan National Park was once open 30 years ago, earlier than its industrial progress. Possible raft through the park for hours on end and now not come across yet another individual.
Rhinoceros Unicornis, Indian Rhinoceros Bathing in Bardiya National Park

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Bardiya National Park Map

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Possibility of Over Tourism in Nepal

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Street Festival New Year Occasion in Lakeside, Pokhara_ possibility of over tourism in Nepal
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Visiting Nepal During Tight Schedule

Below are some of the important Tips while visiting Nepal during tight schedule. Only visit places that have cultural and natural significance. Travel with travel agents as they are experts in time management. Do make a schedule and stick on ...