We offered you one of the perfect top activities in Nepal and sightseeing during your stay in the Himalayas. Sightseeing in Nepal drives you to look and explore Nepalese culture, existence kind, ancient architecture, religious areas, monuments, adventure, brief time mountaineering, chook, and monkey looking at and like that. What you wish to have seen and gained experienced and even expertise depends upon your time availability and interest.

Kathmandu is a profound destination for sightseeing in Nepal. Kathmandu valley encompasses Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Swayambunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Bouddha Stupa, Buddhanilkhantha temple, Balaju Water Garden, Chovar, Nagarkot, Chandragiri Hills by cable car and some other- at the same time, lots of them enlisted in world heritage record. You could refer to our holiday pages for detailed knowledge about these locations. Outside the Kathmandu Valley, top activities in Nepal available in Pokhara, Chitwan Wildlife, and Lumbini (birthplace of Lord Buddha) additionally offer you sightseeing.


Himalayan country Nepal encompasses many mountaineering (Hiking) places. Its geographical constitution appears like for mountaineering experience as a result of its high hills and valleys in the east-west core of the country. The hills of Nepal are famous for hiking. Climbing offers you spectacular views of the mountains and the deep valleys. As good as a risk to emerging as acquainted with the Nepalese people’s lifestyle, their act, architecture, and cultural traditions. There are a lot of well-known areas for one or two days of hiking.

Kakani, Nagarkot, Phulchowki, Nagarjuna, Dhulikhel, and Daman are the most famous places for mountain climbing local Kathmandu valley. Beyond Kathmandu valley, Pokhara, Sarankot, Gorkha, and Tansen are additionally quality locations for hill climbing. All these hiking destinations provide you with a pleasant chance for glimpses of mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, villages, unique cultures, and lots of extras. The village tour in different parts of Nepal gives you full expertise in hiking.


Rafting is one more adventure experience for travelers’ top activities in Nepal. If you have not ever been on a river experience in Nepal, you are in for a memorable lifetime experience. Very little in Nepal resembles life anywhere else in the world.  Places of this are deep custom and religious, the most radical topography on the and one of the vital least developed infrastructures in the world. There’s a better option to see Nepal than on a river trip (Rafting), which via its very nature is the essence of escapism. We humbly tell you while you are on this ride, it may be tough to give up.

One of the intriguing matters about Nepal is that in the space of a hundred miles. You can go from the coldest and most bitter conditions in the world to the sweltering warmness of the north Indian plainland. Nepal has a whole lot from the brutal windswept Himalayan Peaks to humid tropical jungles. By and large, it is quality to devise subtropical to temperate stipulations on the rivers. Nepal has countless streams that offer rafting; however, because of entry and understanding of the rivers and repeated fears of water creatures, just some are preferred for rafting. Trishuli River which flows on the side of Kathmandu to the Pokhara freeway may be ubiquitous for rafting in Nepal.

April and May are the best seasons months for rafting in Nepal, and even August and September additionally may also be regarded as good seasons. For the duration of the rafting, we strictly handle the wellness and sanitation of persons. The satisfaction to move for rafting is while you will Pokhara or Chitwan from Kathmandu.

Bungee Jumping

When you think bungee jumping is restricted to a couple of locations in Europe, New Zealand, and the USA, it’s time you got updated. The sport has ultimately found a common home in the absolute best mountain variety in the world. The superb thrill of a bungee leap can now experience in Nepal it might be the first site in the globe.

Nepal’s first bungee jumping site is situated one hundred sixty (160) meters over the wild Bhote Koshi River and located close to the Nepal-China (Tibet) border, a three-hour by bus from Kathmandu. It can be organized on arrival in Kathmandu and from your home country. The jump, at one hundred sixty meters, was designed by way of one of New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants and is operated by one of the most skilled jump masters in the business. The management crew takes safety “very, seriously” with filled with accountability.

The Bungee spot is located three hours’ drive east of Kathmandu. You are going via the Arniko (Kathmandu/Lhasa) Highway to within 12 kilometers of the Tibet Border and the called Friendship Bridge. Ultimate Bungee Nepal takes a position on a 166-meter full metal (steel) suspension bridge over the Bhote Kosi River.

You can additionally enjoy bungee in a beautiful city, Pokhara. The high-floor bungee is about-up and operated by particularly trained professionals (jump-masters) from Europe and complies with the absolute best safety standards.


Paragliding is a relatively new adventure experience and top activity in Nepal. Paragliding in this tiny Himalayan country is usually a real, unique, and fulfilling experience for adventure travelers. That you could experience unparalleled scenic grandeur as you share airspace with kites and eagles while flying over hills, villages, monasteries, temples, lakes, and forests with a first-rate view of the Himalayas.

Paragliding has had the most productive couple of years flourishing in scenic Pokhara in Nepal. And it’s an internationally recognized vacation spot with free flight expertise.

The best season for flying is November, December, and January. Through March and April, there’s a mountain wind, coming off the massive peaks, and some days explaining powerful valley winds. Yes that you would be able to windsurf in April on Phewa Lake.

The main areas for flying are the Annapurna area, more principally the Pokhara valley. This lakeside town is a major tourist vacation spot of Pokhara, located in the lap of three thousand meters plus Himalayans and on the financial institution of different lakes. The microclimate of the valley makes it a superb area for flying, with some extra distance constant than the capital city Kathmandu. Pokhara is two hundred kilometers west of the capital, the metropolis.

Kind varieties of flying offer – There are more than a few deals for the paragliding enthusiast as good as those checking this recreation out for the first time. There are a three days introductory courses for beginners, as well as tandem flights, where you fly with a teacher for the inexperienced or less brave. At six thousand feet, you take a seat back for your place as your qualified pilot takes you on an unforgettable memory. This flight take-off point is Sarankot, which offers a top view of Phewa Lake and mountains with dawn and sunset, the adventures paragliding experience lands with the aid of Phewa Lake.


Shopping in Nepal is filled with the expertise of high-quality merchandise at a low cost. Visitor browsing is widespread in Nepal as foreign money goes away and the characteristics of Nepali products have accelerated to be of worldwide requisites. Right here the labor is low-priced and for this reason, the fee of production is. Many multinational organizations have manufacturing plants in Nepal, and equal exceptional is on hand with low prices. International imported items are added to have at competitive prices.

Handicraft goods are favorite shopping finished by vacationers. These memento merchandises replicate many days of handwork and the artistic, traditional, and social values of Nepali people. Among the purchase is a Nepali Knife (Khukuri). More than that Thankas, handicrafts, clothes, pix of the Himalaya, postcards, maps, books, jewelry, gift gadgets, clothes, Nepalese musical devices, Pashmina, Nepali tea, wooden carpets, and wood carving are important items to buy in Nepal for international tourists.


Cycling and mountain biking are likely one of the most adventurous expertise in Nepal. That you would be able to go out of the urban field and adjust place cycling and mountain bike excursions as if trekking by bicycle.

You can go cycling from Balaju to Kakani to Balaju, Maharajgung to Buddhanilkantha to Maharjgung, Kathmandu to Bhaktapur to Patan, and vise Versa and Pokhara metropolis are the predominant city areas for cycling in Nepal.

For adventurous cycling, there are lots of locations in Nepal, which can be a plan based on time drawbacks. On a bicycle, travelers are exposed to all regional experiences as no different state-of-the-art travelers can hope to be. Relocating quietly along at smooth speeds enables them to see, hear, and smell. They can stop anywhere and whenever they need, and they are equipped to reply to the greetings of workers within the fields, passers with the aid of, and pleasant villagers.

Mountain Flight

Mountain flight is for many who want to expertise a panoramic view of the Himalayan range within your time limit. It provides a glimpse of Mount Everest and different Himalayan at a low priced cost. Mountain flight is on hand through helicopters and planes; aircraft are less expensive than helicopters.

Top activities in Nepal and sightseeing in mountains are pleasant on a clear sky day with the highest solar. February, March, April, October, and November are considered great months for the mountain flight. Mountain flights operate in the morning. Weather conditions need to be favorable for just the right views.

For Mount Everest and the variety of views, you have got to take a mountain flight from Kathmandu and Pokhara. For Annapurna and the range view that you would be able to take a mountain flight from Pokhara.

The free package deal comes while you fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara, given that the flight takes a situation to parallel to the Himalayas. However, you aren’t assured of the views relying upon climate; this flight won’t show you, Mount Everest, as a lot as you need to peer. Anyway, in excellent weather, it’s a two-on-one ticket mountain flight and Kathmandu to Pokhara journey.

Birds Watching

Nepal is certainly a paradise for birds with over 800 species recorded representing ten percent of the arena’s population in just a tiny fraction of the earth’s landmass. Just to list a few: eight species of stork, six species of pheasant, seventeen species of cuckoo, three species of crow, cormorant, egret, black ibis, eagle, owl, vulture, peafowl, purple jungle bird, swallow, black drong, blue jay, timber pecker, black-headed shrike, usual myna, pink tented bulbul, paradise flycatcher, brahmin duck, condominium sparrow, red mania, and hawk.

The opportunity to peer at these and other birds will make your commute a memorable and satisfying one. These trips additionally furnish panoramic mountain views, glimpses of untamed animals, and publicity to the regional men’s and women’s traditions and culture.

There are a lot of places in Nepal for bird gazing particularly Phulchowki, Godavari Royal Botanical Garden, Koshi Tappu, Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, and some other areas. Phulchowki, Godavari, and Chitwan are conveniently available locations, and bird watching will also integrate with the itinerary along with sightseeing of Kathmandu valley and jungle safari.

Jungle Safari

Nepal has Fourteen National Parks, and natural world reservation centers reserve most of which have dense tropical jungles teeming with numerous flora and fauna and unusual birds. Ride on elephant back or dive on your four-wheelers to view wild animals in their typical habitat; otherwise, you might break out for canoe rides on the jungle rivers. Possibly also have memorable nature walks, chook watching excursions, village, and cultural excursions. Chitwan, the residence of Nepal’s wildlife, has over forty-three species of animals. It’s also standard for safari destinations within the area.

The outdoor adventure sports into the wasteland to see wild animals, birds, and natural beauty. Your trip on an elephant’s back or a four-wheeler jeep accompanied by a thoroughly knowledgeable guide for the love of nature and animals.

Top activities in Nepal; Chitwan and Bardia are two sizzling dishes on the menu for jungle safari. Decide upon Chitwan as this has Nepal’s most standard National Park. Delivering a high possibility to look at Royal Bengal Tigers, One Horned Rhinos, Crocodile, and an exciting wasteland experience in its deep and thick jungle and this Park is the easiest one to reach amongst all others. Bardia National Park additionally presents a high-quality jungle safari journey that you may journey on an elephant or take four wheels to detect some of Nepal’s unspoiled normal habitats.

Most jungle safari contains canoe rides on the jungle and rivers. Nature walks, bird gazing excursions, and quick excursions across the villages to realize the specified cultures and traditions of the villages. There are also scheduled cultural-musical (Tharu Cultural Show) packages carried out through the villages, which might also be in the jungle safari itinerary. Chitwan and Bardia have satisfactory accommodation and tourist services proper next to the jungle so that you would be able to begin your adventurous expertise of jungle safari in Nepal.

Jungle safari programs entail nature walk, village tour, elephant safari, cultural packages, bird looking, boating, canoeing, and so on with just the right accommodation and food. These applications are to have inside low in cost finances frame.

Village Tour

The village tour is one of the most charming top activities in Nepal. Nepal is an underdeveloped nation in the world. There are a lot of rural areas within the country. Virtually all rural areas with unique villages welcome viewers with their iconic identities. Villagers’ lifestyles are the main attractions for tourists. Tourists can experience apartment sort, contract, and natural drinking water facilities, gala’s are prime attractions to tourists.

Nepal is a multiethnic, multilingual, and multicultural nation. Situated on villagers’ ethnicity, culture, and festivals, there may also be found the iconic difference from one village to a different one. Up to date, many villages are far away from road infrastructure, electricity, and plenty of other contemporary amenities. However, for tourism reasons, many communities welcome travelers to places they can accommodate and have meals. Tourists can expertise nearby culture and scenic views of hills, valleys, and rivers accommodating in the locality.

Tourists provided hygienic regional product foods. Top activities in Nepal; Tharu village tour in Chitwan, Sirubari Village tour in Syangja, Ghale Gaun village tour in Gorkha, and Banthali village tour in Kavrepalanchok are some noted village tours in Nepal. Travelers can revel in the village tour together with trekking, hiking, cultural tour, and snapshot tour.


Nepal is referred to as the nation of Mount Everest on this planet. Nepal is a hiking paradise in the period of Nepal that encompasses eight perfect mountain peaks. Nepal centered on the one-third subject of its territory above 3500-meter elevation. Mount Everest (8848M), Kanchanjunga (8586M), Lhotse (8616 M), Makalu (8485M), Cho Oyu (8201M), Dhaulagiri (8167M), Manaslu (8163M), and Annapurna (8091M) are 8000 meters and above best Peaks in Nepal amongst fourteen Peaks on the world. There are 1300 plus mountain peaks in Nepal. There are a total of 334 mountain peaks in Nepal open for climbing, including eight best possible peaks.

Nepal has greater than half of the century’s lengthy historical past of climbing. Tourists from all over the world come every year to satisfy their dream of climbing, top climbing, and excursion. You ought to acquire allows for hiking and high mountain climbing; you will have to now not worry about all these processes and provides. Nebula Travels and tours will control. Mountaineering and peak climbing are one of the most adventurous activities on the planet. Peak climbing is the dream of all.

Sky Diving

Skydiving is the most popular top activity in Nepal. To start with the person who wants to skydive should have just the right wellness and adventure lover. Skydive may also be complete in distinctive constituents of the world. Unlike different ingredients of the world, Nepal offers Sky Dive with 360 measured views of the Himalayas. Sky Dive completed from an airplane or Helicopter in Nepal.

Sky Dive in Nepal done in front of Mount Everest (8848M). It’s the absolute best drop zone at Gorak Shap, Kala Patthar. One more skydive is at the entrance of Mount Annapurna. For many who want expertise much less severe, it’s available in Pokhara. The technically sharp team is operating skydives in Nepal, and safety is guaranteed.

More Others; Top Activities in Nepal

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  • Meditation
  • Snapshot Tour
  • Cultural Tour
  • Ayurveda
  • Volunteering
  • Canyoning
  • Skydiving
  • Zip Flying
  • Trekking
  • Usual Craft
  • Boat Riding
  • Rock Mountain Climbing