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Below are the basic terms and condition, that applies for all of our tours and trekking but kindly consider each tour, treks, and activities has their own terms and conditions specific to the actual tour. For this reason, on the actual tour booking page, you will find each tour’s specific terms and conditions.

YOU MUST ALSO AGREE TO INDIVIDUAL TERMS and CONDITIONS of Tours (Nepal, Int’l, Day, Weekend), Trekking, Rafting and Ultralight flight as mentioned here.

Please read thoroughly.

Travel Insurance

The participant of the tour/trek should buy comprehensive Travel Insurance which is a condition of joining all Nebula Travels experience. You should provide your insurance policy to us before your departure for the tour. Failure to do so will mean you cannot join on the journey. You can ask us for competitive rates at the time of booking. If you are on a multiday trip in the Mountains and climbing, we advise you to purchase the policy from your own country to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Minimum Group Member

As determined by us, there should be a minimum number of participants on our escorted tours. Our minimum number of the participant is 2, and from 2 people, the departure is guaranteed. If the number did not reach in 2 and ended with 1, then all monies will be returned with the cancellation of the tour. You are strongly advised not to purchase the flight ticket until and unless you will get confirmation on the trip. As a result of such an arrangement with any cancellation fee will be your responsibility.

Credit Card Transaction

When paying by credit card, the surcharges will apply, and the amount is determined by credit card type, which is advised you at the time of your booking. Nebula Travels to accept most of the major credit and debit cards. If any travel service provider for any reason unable to provide you service which you have contracted, in such cases the provider is responsible for your remedy, not Nebula Travels or its any associated provider. If Nebula travels paid via credit card in this case, you should agree that you will not seek to approach the credit card bank to chargeback your payment to Nebula Travels.


Various currencies we will use to quote the prices, and all are subject to change due to market fluctuation. In the case of variation, including fuel surcharges, taxes, land arrangements, exchange rates, and airfare, Nebula Travels reserves the right to review the price accordingly. Any such increment should be paid before departure to us. Prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes, permits and subject to change until full payment and issuance of the ticket are done. Without notice, the tour and airfare can be changed. Certain countries may impose additional taxes like departure tax or state taxes etc. which is not included in our price and should be borne on the spot by the client.

Changes to the Itinerary

To ensure accuracy, every effort has been made. If your booking needs to be change or part of it, forcefully beyond our control before your actual travel. Agency doesn’t take any responsibility for this event and reserves the right to change your holiday itinerary and providing the same notice to you thereof. In the case of one change or series of changes to your holiday means guests have the right to withdraw from the tour/trekking and all monies will be refunded with reducing charges imposed by the supplier.

The replacement of the original tour like substitute or part of the tour is accepted then a surcharge will apply if part of the tour or substitute tour is expensive. If the difference in the itinerary is taken, then no claims shall be made as compensation, loss or refund.

Cancellation Charges

We will accept all cancellations in writing to Nebula Travels. Below are the cancellation criteria after getting a cancellation request from the clients.

The full amount of deposit is not refundable once after we get the deposit in any circumstance until and unless Nebula Travels cancels the tour.

  • Cancellation gets within 30 days of departure incur the loss of 25% of the deposit.
  • Cancellation gets within 15 days of departure incur the loss of 50% of the deposit.
  • Cancellation gets within seven days no refunds.

Note: Once confirmed Restricted Area and Peak Climbing trekking could not be canceled less than 30 days before departure.

Late booking and Amendment Fee

For the restricted area trekking and Mountain Climbing, the reservation should be made before 15 working days before departure while short treks and tour bookings should be made before five days prior to departure. Also, there is no late booking fee associated with any tours/treks. You can even amendment and changes in program notifying us at least seven days prior to your departure but subject to availability with an extra fee payable if any difference amount occurs.

For the group booking we need to have the confirmation before one month but deepening upon the availability of the hotel, air seats, etc. it can be change and amendment before seven days without any charges.

Single Participant

Traveling as a solo and if you require to share a room to avoid single room supplements, then we will match you to other single-member participate. But there is no guarantee of suitability for you of this member. At the time of the tour if you find your room partner no suitable for you, then we will arrange a single room for you with an extra cost that should be borne by you. Prior to the departure if we are not able to find you the room partner, then, of course, you have to pay the single room supplement to go on this tour.


For any pre-booked accommodations, no refund would be given. Other travel and pre-booked services, which are not utilized, are not refundable. People who are not participating in the tour and follow the itinerary shall not get any refund. No refund or allowance is made for any lost, unused hotel Coupons and tickets.


For twin share accommodation, every effort should be made with private facilities. If the hotel changes rooming arrangements, then no responsibility is accepted. If by choice or forcefully a single room is required, then a single room supplement will be applied. We will pass for smoking and non-smoking room to the hotel, but there is no guarantee the same. The layout and size may be different from room to room in the heritage hotel. As a result of hotel property damage and extra cleaning cost required then you are responsible for paying the equivalent amount as per damage to the hotel.


At the earliest, don’t miss the opportunity to make known to your tour leader if you have any complaints. As such, we can resolve the issue on time. Again if you feel your complaint not appropriately addressed, then you must notify Nebula Travels in writing with a span of 45 days after completion of the tour.

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