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Our Story

Nebula Travels and Tours was established in 2010 with the founder and leadership of Prem Prakash Aryal. Since its inception, it has been working as a full-fledged destination management company in Nepal. All the teams are dedicated and highly educated. We frequently organize a refreshers course for our team and our in-house staff and tour guides. Our staffs are our asset and the backbone of our company.

We run tours/treks all over Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. We have our comprehensive fleet of vehicles ranging from a deluxe car to a luxury coach and our manpower are highly skilled who knows the requirement our guest and sure the experience and value of money are higher than you find any other agency.

Our tour and trekking itinerary are carefully and scientifically designed with proper acclimatization and short walking days. We have our own in-house Tour/ Trek guides who can speak different languages and are government license holders who are well trained and vested knowledge on history, culture and heritage of Nepal. Similarly, trek guides are well trained on first aid and know how to avoid or treat in case of high altitude sickness.

As an outbound tour operator, we have successfully operated tours in 6 different continents. We have a very reliable partner across all continents to whom you can trust for the best services at affordable prices. Since we provide one-stop travel solution we organize events and MICE Tourism with pre and post-event tour.

To conclude there is no doubt that Nebula Travel is a premium destination management company that provides a one-stop travel solution catering to all needs of the traveler.

Visiting Nepal During Tight Schedule

Our Mission

To all clients we provide, experienced, professional and warm service as well as the same to potential clientele.

In tourism, we undertake a conscious approach that is socially and environmentally friendly. We hope in the future we can create symbioses relationship between the people of Nepal and passionate travelers.

Keep in touch through Nepalese culture, we aim to make our client’s lives a little happier, which is our ongoing aim. With travelers’ dream of visiting Nepal we enjoy working hard with our clients…. and as soon as bringing them to life.

Clients are our friends. It is our mission to bring high-quality trust and personality in turn which gives lifelong memory of visiting Nepal. We treat the guest like a friend and guide as same to the traveler. To our daily work environment, the testimonial letter filled by our fellow traveler would bring the utmost satisfaction, which is our objective in every case.

Creating the never-ending chain of satisfied traveler the word of mouth from our guest plays further than any advertisement.

Our Vision

To emerge as one of the best and trusted travel company which is led by example and always apply an innovative way to deliver the services among clients.



Nebula Travels have an excellent tie-up with different hotels and the corporate market. We work with local DMC across the world thus we guarantee safety and comfort for our valued clients. Similarly, we handle MICE. Our corporate clients include different Banks, Insurance, Manufacturing with Automobile.



We work with more than 100 hotels inside Nepal and more than 200 hotels across Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Those include budget hotels to star rated properties with flexibility on cost and services. Our Selection of accommodations is based on amenities and ambiance in a convenient location.



Currently, we are operating more than 200 destinations worldwide with all over 6 continents. We have a reliable destination management company as our partner across the world in each destination to whom we can trust. Our clients have a variety of choices ranging from Sun, Sea, and Sand to adventure, culture and natural tour.



We have operated more than 4000 tours during the last decade. We are growing from the office premises to the business which includes Inbound and Outbound tours. We are proud of mouth-to-mouth marketing from satisfied guests and 99% of success rates on our tours and the same percentage of satisfied clients.

"Nebula Travels is continuously providing pleasant quality excursions/trips on time and budget of our valuable clients. Our strategy is to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time. And establish a market presence that long-term profitability, growth, and success. As well, Nebula's team fully committed to supporting growth and development in the tourism and overall economy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, contribute positively to our communities and our environment."

Executive Director, Founder of Nebula Travels

Prem Prakash Aryal


Leadership Team

Prem Prakash Aryal

Executive Director/Founder

Prithvi Raj Aryal


Kiran Bhattarai


Anju Koirala


Milan Chandra Bhandari

Information System Officer

Ekendra Lamsal

IT Consultant

Prayasa KC

Ticketing Officer

Nischal Tamang

Visa Consultant

Bimala Tamang

Office Assitant