Europe, where the seed of tourism was sown, is still the leading hotspot of world tourism. Europe never ceases to reveal its exciting side to the visitors. This continent is dynamic and vibrant and leads global tourism with almost 50% market share. The Lonely Planet rightly states, “There simply is no way to tour and not be awestruck by its scenic beauty, epic history, and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity.” Europe has an unimaginable wealth of cultural heritages; Athens, Florence, Venice, Paris, and London are majestic and witness the rise of western civilization.  Similarly, Norway‘s fabulous fords, the steppe-like plains of central Spain, beautiful coastal regions such as the Baltic and Black Seas, the Alps are glorious in the scenery. The great museums, panoramic vistas, and energetic nightlife, snacking on pizza in Naples, souvlaki in Santorini, or even haggis in Scotland,  Turkey‘s doner kebab are magnificent set a wonderful menu for the visitors with active taste buds. Europe revels best in the diversity, intensity, and complexity of this multidimensional continent. It needs at least 10 lifetimes to explore the western world properly.