Custom-Designed Tours

Travelers who desire extensive control over all the elements and planning of a tour will often select a custom-designed tour. We Nebula Travels & Torus are a group of travel and tourism professionals; who want to work closely with clients for their travel and tour plans under their preferred types of tours plan. These planning include accommodations, transport, meals, entertainment, and other essential elements. While making this type of tour plan, we consider a pre-packaged tour. As a base where we can change and adopt some other parts of the tour plan that addresses the needs and interests of clients.

Custom-designed tours, also known as Foreign Independent Tour, are usually organized for leisure travel, which can add a leisure component to the business traveler’s trip. Your business traveler may not get away for extended vacations, but you are interested in extending your business trip to include a packaged mini-vacation.

Hosted Tours

Hosted tours offer travelers an opportunity to travel independently, but also to receive guidance and assistance from a host at each of the tour’s destinations, if needed and the traveler wants. Travelers have varying time-frames, budgets, and interests in their travel, accordingly their destinations also frequently differ from others’ choices. Based on your travel plan and target, we provide you with sufficient information, guidance, and management of your tour.

You can make your tour plan in Nepal and elsewhere individually and in a group. You may arrive here in Nepal independently or with your friends, and your return plan and interest may differ from your travel colleagues. So under this type of tour, we offer a tour plan that can include other people to some destination and you alone or some of you to other destinations based on your interest. Our hosted tour plan includes receiving you at the airport, dropping you in your booked hotel, providing sufficient information about different destinations (as your choice) information, sightseeing, and so on.

Independent Tours

As the name of this type of tour indicates, you would want to travel to different destinations independently sometimes without a group or guide, and other times if the traveler desire guides and additional information also can be provided for some destinations of the journey. Even in this type of tour while you are traveling to new destinations, you need some information and management that we provide you from a distance and by meeting you inconvenient place and time. Even under this type of tour, you may need to work for your visa and tickets and buy some types of packages, where we will assist you.

When you choose an independent tour, it will be better to include some elements of other tours that make your holidays and leisure time more relaxed, knowledgeable, and satisfying. If you want to make your little time more fruitful and more satisfying hosted and escorted tours will be better options.

Escorted Tours

If your travelers desire a higher level of assistance and structure during travel will appreciate and prefer an escorted tour that provides you with extensive satisfaction out of your tour. On an escorted tour, participants travel together as a group, and they will have the collective experience of the tour and are always accompanied by a professional travel and tourism management team. We Nebula Travels & Tours professional coordinates the group’s itinerary and activities and is responsible for making sure all aspects of the tour run smoothly. The accommodations, meals, transport, sightseeing, and escorted tour are pre-arranged. As a result, the details and difficulties of these matters are taken out of the hands of the travelers. The travel management team will take full responsibility for the tour and travelers need not worry about their journey.

Escorted tours commonly visit many destinations, and as a result, the tour participants are frequently on the move and you travelers have a choice about which places and how many places you want to visit. Unlike an independent and hosted tour, which frequently focuses on a single destination, escorted tours often stop in several different locations throughout the tour. Traveling between the sightseeing stops is generally done in a vehicle, and the nearest places could be visited on foot also if time favor. We book the hotel of your choice and the criteria for your accommodation.

Among the types mentioned above of tours, as a choice and pleasure of your travel, we can mix up different elements of different types of the tour that provides you a higher degree of satisfaction during and after your trip.