Top 10 travel destinations in Nepal, is a list that includes those destinations which are relatively less adventurous. This informative list is intended for quite a leisure traveler – no trekking, no adventure. Obviously, Nepal possesses multiple options for trekking and adventure. Bellows are the popular Top 10 Travel Destinations in Nepal.


With the breathtaking Newari Architecture, Kathmandu is an incredibly diverse historic city. The dedicated tourist-friendly restaurant, accommodation, and centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist religious shrines make it worth visiting once in a lifetime.

In the last decade, Kathmandu has seen rapid expansion like other big cities. You can meet friendly and refreshing people despite the hustle and bustle of the typical metropolis. The only living Goddess “Kumari” in the whole world is proud of the Newars, an ethnic community that is native to Kathmandu. Round the year festivals are going on, and people are participating with enthusiasm. Kathmandu possesses seven world heritage sites including Pashupatinath, Swoyambhunath, Patan City, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, Bouddhanath, and Changunarayan.

And all of them are worth visiting to experience the medieval culture and its civilizations. It is said that there are more Temples in Kathmandu than in its residents in the past. In the modern era, it is quite difficult to protect the charm and authenticity of those shrines. The destructive earthquake in 2015 damaged most of the structures of religious significance, but most of them are rebuilt, or construction is going on with protecting their authenticity.


The number one adventure and leisure destination is Pokhara. It is a gateway to trekking in the Annapurna region. It has plenty of entertainment activities for families and individuals. The experience of exciting activities in Pokhara includes ultralight flight, paragliding, boating, zip flyer, hiking, pony riding, etc. We can simply relax at the shore of the lakeside with a spectacular view of Annapurna and a fishtail. Providing you with amazing beauty and excellent photo options will certainly overwhelm you. Enjoying its surrounding greenery and walking along the shore of this fascinating Lake with the panoramic view of Annapurna and Fishtail massif reflecting on the Lake is truly amazing.

Colorful wooden boats, with paragliding, landing at the bank of the Lake is probably one of the highlights of your travel experience in Nepal. As a gateway to trekking in the Annapurna region, it has become the relaxation spot for in and out of the trek.


Chitwan National Park should not be missed if you are a wilderness enthusiast. This park is very much famous for Tiger tracking, Bird watching, and jungle safari. With a fall in love with nature, thousands of tourists visit this park per year. As established in 1973, this park has a lot to offer during your stay.

Habitat for some of the endangered species of animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger, One-Horned Rhino, Sloth Bear, and Leopard with different species of birds, as well as reptiles, are found in this National park. Fascinated by this park, thousands of tourists come to visit this national park and will do Jeep safari or Elephant safari to explore the wilderness.

This is one of the best wildlife viewing spots in Asia and as compared to other destinations it is relatively cheaper as well.


Nepal is a Multi-ethnicity, Multilingual, and multicultural nation and people are living in harmony and peace despite its extreme diversity in culture and people. In such a tranquil and beautiful place there lies Lumbini where Siddhartha Gautam was born from the mother Mayadevi who is the founder of Buddhism- a religious branch known as Lord Buddha.

From all over the world devotees come to visit this sacred place Lumbini. For the spiritual place you are looking for then Lumbini must be an ideal place for you. “The Lovely” indicates Lumbini in Sanskrit. Located in province 5 in Kapilvastu which is at a 25 KM distance from Kapilvastu Municipality, nestled in the Terai belt. Lumbini covers 1.6 KM in width and 4.8 Kilometers long and is divided into two monastics zones. These zones are divided by a channel full of water.


On the road between Pokhara and Butwal, the stay in this charming city for a few days is worthwhile. Settlement of the old Newar Community and rich in its history with its steep paved street is virtually traffic-free. The traditional Newari houses with wooden crafts on the window are somewhat fascinating. There is plenty to do and see in Palpa, hiking to Srinagar Hill for a beautiful mountain view or you may explore the spectacular history of Tansen. You can live with family in a homestay and can do surrounding hikes, visit temples, visit Rani Mahal shop local handicrafts, and drink the best coffee.


It is one of the largest National parks in Nepal where we can do a nature walk with one of our experienced naturalists, who have years of experience at Bardiya. You can watch Gigantic dolphins, or you may raft at the Karnali River, which is one of the longest rivers in Nepal. You can also meet with Dangera people and Rana Tharu that who are quite charming and from Southern Nepal where you can learn about their colorful culture. It is an unforgettable to-do safari in the pristine jungle in Bardiya, which is a lifelong memory.

This park is home to some endangered species of animals including Mammals, Reptiles, and birds, and even some of the birds that we cannot find in Chitwan as well as Bluebell. This park is covered by vast sal forest, Riverine forest, and lots of elephant grass. This park hosts more than 200 species of birds, 30 different mammals, and several varieties of water animals and reptiles. The sightings of tigers and other animals are more than in any other national park in Nepal which attracts tourists repeatedly for the elusive glimpse of animals.


This place is a center for religious and cultural tourism among Hindus (Nepali and Indian) which is located southeast of Kathmandu valley 128 Kilometers far away. In the late 18th Century this city was founded and is presently known as Janakpur Dham. It is renowned as the birthplace of the goddess Sita and the capital of ancient Mithila Culture.

It takes approximately 11 hours by bus and 25 minutes by air to reach this holy city. From the hilly region, people have migrated to Janakpur for better healthcare, education, and job opportunity. The economy is based on Tourism, Agriculture, and industry. It has a sub-humid tropical climate. There is essentially no traffic in certain areas as vehicular moment is banned.

There is a cafeteria, ATMs, and a Tourist office for your secondary purpose. The primary attraction of this city is Janaki Temple. In the center of town, the temple is built with the use of massif Marble. Even non-Hindus are allowed to enter the temple as well.

Another important place to visit Janakpur is Janakpur Dham. It has a history dating back to the Ramayana era. Dhanusha Dham offers lush surroundings of trees & groves, religious sightseeing, colorful Mithila art, and culture with the semi-rural charms of the Terai Shrubs. All over the world, it is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site.


People often say Illam is a queen of Hills. It offers a cool climate and lush green tea garden, green fields, and unique tea culture. From the hustle and bustle of city life, it gives you relief over your mental tensions. While singing in their language, the tea picker sings their song while working as a tea picker. During your trip, you will visit Mai Pokhari, Fikkal, Kanyam, and Antu Danda, which is famous for their splendid sunrise and sunset view.

Mai Pokhari is blessed with seven encircled ponds, and Kanyam/Fikkla is renowned for its tea plantation. Nebula Travels will provide full-fledged service taking care of all your transport, meals, and accommodation with one expert tour guide. Many people from all over Nepal visit this place because of its beauty and serenity. Illam comes in the top 10 travel destinations in Nepal because of its natural beauty and its famous tea gardens.

Koshi Tappau

In the eastern part of Nepal, there lies this beautiful National Park, which is 10 hour journey by road or a 45-minute flight to Biratnagar and a further 2-hour drive. This park is a habitat for different wildlife and the last surviving population of wild buffalo locally known as Arna. We can find Gigantic dolphins including many mammals and reptiles and over 250 species of waterbirds. For bird watching activity, this place should not be missed as such It is a bird watcher paradise. There are several residents or migratory birds that come as far as Siberia.

Rara Lake

Located in western Nepal, the Rara lake zone is the best place to visit during your holidays. It is also known as the queens of Lake. The majestic Lake is located in the Mugu district in Karnali Zone. These areas are so beautiful, like a natural paradise. The fascinating part is the local hospitality with smiling faces which will add more flavor to your visit.

The Lake is located at Rara National Park, which is Nepal’s smallest National Park spread over an area of 106 square kilometers. This is situated at an altitude of 2990 Meters. The area comprises of this Lake is 10.8 sq KM. Not only with natural beauty but this area is blessed with a diversity of flora and fauna with lush green forest where Rhododendron and wildflowers bloom. This area is well protected as it is located inside National Park.

After the road opens up in Surkhet –Jumla section the number of tourists in this area is soaring day by day. One can relax at the shore of the Lake or can do boating in crystal clear water with surrounding hikes and even horse riding.