Top 10 adventures in Nepal include a detailed list of adventure activities that can be done in Nepal. For the blood pumping, breathtaking, heart racing, thrilling adventure, are you ready to challenge your limits? For this, you have come to this adventure paradise, Nepal. Rushing River, exotic wildlife, unique terrains, and high peaks of Himalaya, which makes Nepal truly a destination for adventure lovers. It is a mystical land that is a Himalayan country filled with pristine nature, awe-inspiring landscape. Snow peaked mountains and rich bio-diversity and culture as diverse as its varied topography and climate.

Along with trekking and climbing destination in which Nepal is recognized all over the world. This country is also getting famous for adventure sport. In this beautiful adventure country, Nepal, let us explore the most thrilling, mind-blowing, and electrifying activities apart from both prominent trekking and climbing. Mind, body, and soul would be stimulating on each adventure. Providing your memory once in a lifetime and full sense of accomplishment, which also offers fascinating tells to tell your friends.

White Water Rafting

Nepal is one of the best places for white water rafting. The River tumbling from the Himalayas of snow-capped peaks would provide some of the most challenging Rafting and Kayaking experiences in the world. It is an exciting and tremendous river journey experience when the river journey passes through Lush green forest, a nearby remote village, and a beautiful mountain on its backdrop. For a more fabulous experience, we will operate rafting trips all over Nepal from day raft to 1-week long rafting in Rivers. There are lots of rivers in Nepal in which it is suitable for beginners to extremely professional rafters with a changeling river.

Jungle Safari

Most people think Nepal is a mountainous country, and it is suitable for Trekking and Climbing only, but they are wrong. We have different tropical lands in the South which is a plain land and is a habitat of some remarkable wildlife like some endangered species of Rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tiger. To experience the wilderness, visit Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park is a perfect way where we can do Jungle safari through riding on a jeep or by Elephant back safari as well. You can also get some flavor of indigenous local culture and community living around the National park.

Bunge Jumping

The Bunge Jumping spot in Nepal is perhaps one of the best sites in the world. It cannot have described in words-the thrilling of jumping from the 160-meter-high tropical gorge, roaring below the wildest Bhotekoshi River. One of the leading consultants from New Zealand has designated this Bunge. Making a mishap proof Bunge there are some of the most experienced jump masters. You can also swing and cannoning apart from Bunge and which offers full of adrenaline rush.

Mountain Biking

When it comes to Nepal, most people think Nepal is a trekking and climbing paradise, but few of them know, mountain biking is getting popular day by day in this mighty Himalayan Country. At lightning speed, Mt. Biking is evolving in Nepal day by day. The best toured via Mt. Biking in Kathmandu is nearby hills which offer a spectacular view of Giant Himalayan Massif. In Terai Bicycle is the most popular mode of transport due to its flat land whereas Pokhara and Dharan are other cities where bicycle tour is famous among tourist.

If you want to avoid bringing your own bicycle, then it is recommending to hire a bicycle from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Paragliding/Para Hawking

To see the world through the bird’s eye, maybe the perfect opportunity for you. As you soar over the village, lakes, Temples, jungle where you experience unparalleled scenic grandeur while sharing airspace with Kites, Griffins, and eagles.

Passenger will place a small bit of meat in a gloved hand, and the bird will softly land on a hand, taking away the food and continue to lead us in the sky. It is a perfect mix of adventure, conservation, and eco-tourism. This sport is continuing to grow in Nepal through its amazing features and experience.

Canyoning in Nepal

Due to the extreme topography, large quantities of freshwater from the mountains, high altitude location, most of the rivers in Nepal offers the best cannoning sport and adventure. Filled with stunning scenery of jungle, it stimulates full body, mind, and soul. There are multiple spots to do cannoning all over Nepal, and with the experienced guide, you can undertake this activity.

Zip Flyer

The most extreme zip flyer is located in Nepal in Sarangkot-Pokhara. With a vertical drop of 600 meters and covering a distance of 1800 meters, it is the tallest, longest, fastest, and steepest zipline in the whole world.

Everest Sky Diving

Providing in Nepal- Everest Sky Diving is one of the most famous sky Diving and one among the top 10 adventures in Nepal. The Jumpers who are adventure savvy will jump from 29500 feet, which is higher than Everest, which gives extraordinary experience. The jumpers will land on the Everest Base camp. This activity offers eye feasting views of local settlement, Beautiful Lakes, and World Tallest Mountain-Mt. Everest on the backdrop. All of these activities and experiences will make it a lifetime experience.

Rock Climbing

For adventure lovers, it is the Hottest attraction. The faces in the majestic settings there lie splendid natural rock. Nepal offers all levels of rock climbing activities from beginners to intermediate to experienced climbers.

Challenging your physical and mental endurance the cliff off Nepal offers some hair-raising sports for experience as a cliffhanger.

Mountain Flight

The flight route connects the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest to the capital city Kathmandu and Annapurna Range from Pokhara. Though mountain flight is around an hour glimpse of the Himalayas, it is counted in the top 10 adventures in Nepal because you experience the Himalayas from near. Apart from the majestic view of the Himalaya, it helps you to understand about geographical knowledge of Nepal.


Mt. Everest, which is 20 miles far from your window.

The flight starts around 6:30 in the morning

1-hour flight with guaranteed window seat.

Fantastic view of Glaciers, Lakes, and Himalayan Peaks.